Case-study: Increasing turnover of Gang Clothing through Klaviyo Email Marketing

In the Case-Study of Project: Gang Clothing, we will examine the performance of the E-mail Marketing we set up at the famous Streetwear Fashion E-shop, Gang Clothing .

We developed Gang Clothing 's Email Marketing on the No.1 platform worldwide - Klaviyo - with which we have the honor to be Official-Partners !

In a nutshell: Gang Clothing, an e-commerce company active in the streetwear clothing and accessories industry, approached us to improve their email marketing and achieve increased sales and a better customer experience.

The Challenge: Gang Clothing was strongly facing the phenomenon of increased competitiveness in the e-commerce field as well as out of the thousands of users registered in the email, there were very few who opened the emails... That is, while the number of registered users was quite high, the ratio of purchases per email , the open rate as well as the click rate were very very low..

At Mad Wolves Media , we have specialized experts for E-mail Marketing, directing the Greek data with the latest E-mail Marketing strategies abroad !

How we moved:

  1. We cleaned the list of inactive users: After sending campaigns that showed us which users are really active - we proceeded to clean the list and remove the inactive users achieving a monthly cost saving of 70%.

  2. We analyzed user data: We looked at Gang Clothing user data and categorized them into different groups based on their preferences and behavior.

  3. We designed customized campaigns: We created customized campaigns with the aim of offering products and offers that suit the needs of each customer group.

  4. We have built a system of automated E-mails: We have built a complete system of automated E-mails that are sent at specific times such as registration, cart abandonment, welcome, etc.

  5. We tested and readjusted: We monitored the results of the campaigns we ran by decoding Klaviyo Analytics very closely and readjusted as necessary.

Our results:

  • We achieved a 124% increase in email open rate (more than double from before)
  • We achieved an 80% increase in click-through rate
  • We achieved a 458.9% increase in e-mail sales compared to the period before we took over Gang 's E-mail Marketing.

What was the conclusion:

Mad Wolves ' advanced email marketing system through the Klaviyo platform has given Gang Clothing a boost in revenue as well as improved and continues to improve the customer experience while building relationships with users!

Finally, it is quite important to emphasize the fact that, all this was achieved with the smallest expenditure that a business advertising campaign could have!

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