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TERMS OF USE OF THE WEBSITE The online store adheres to a strict policy to protect the privacy of website visitors.

The website is provided by the online store MAD WOLVES MEDIA and is available to both legal entities and individuals over 16 years of age. If you do not qualify, you may not use the Website.

Use of this website is for legal purposes only.

The online store reserves the right to modify these terms and to inform users of any modifications as well as of any change, through the website of this website.


This website is the online store for the sale of sunglasses under the name "MAD WOLVES MEDIA" based in Lavrio, 19500.

with the distinctive title Mad Wolves, Tax Identification Number EL, Tax Office. Koropiou, No. Company ID: 149174609000, tel. , email:
Intellectual Property Right
Copyright and Trademark.
All website design, text, graphics, selection and settings are the property of Mad Wolves Media - and are the copyright of the property.

Restriction of Use of the Website
In addition to the other restrictions set forth in these Terms of Use, you agree to the following:

You will not hide the source of information transmitted through the Website
You will not provide false or misleading information through the Website
You will not log in or use services, information, applications, etc. available through the Website in a manner not expressly permitted by our online store
You will not enter into our website information that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs or other computer programming routines that are intended to cause damage, interference, interception or occupation of any system, Website or Information or which violate the copyright of others .
Limitation of Liability
The COMPANY in the context of its transactions from the online store is not responsible and is not obliged to compensate for any damage or loss arising from the cancellation of orders, non-execution or delay in their execution, for any reason. It does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed in the online store, but informs based on the observed data about the availability or not of the interested customer and undertakes in case of change of these data, to inform the customers in time about the unavailability in which case bears no further responsibility. The online store provides the content (eg information, names, photos, illustrations), products and services available through the website "exactly as they are". In no case is the COMPANY liable or criminally liable for any damage (positive, special or negative, which indicatively and not restrictively, divisively and / or cumulatively consists in loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.) that may a visitor to the online store or a third party for reasons related to the operation or not and / or the use of the website and / or inability to provide services and / or products and / or information available from him and / or from any non - permitted third party interventions in products and / or services and / or information available through it.

Concluding Contracts with the Company
For the transaction, the registration of the visitor / user is not required, however, if the latter wishes, he can declare his details and obtain a username and security code, so that he does not need to declare his details in every future transaction.

The following information is required for the order: Name, Surname, Address, Postal Code, City, Credit Card Details if you choose this payment (number, Name, expiration date and CVV code)

Through the website of our Store, the customer can send his order, filling in the order form. The customer's order is considered as a proposal for the preparation of a contract, for the acceptance of which an availability check must be performed by the Store. Furthermore, after sending the product from our Store to the customer, the acceptance and completion of the contract is confirmed. Order status information is sent to the customer's email address.

Note that:

the Store is liable for actual defects and lack of contracted properties in accordance with articles 534 et seq.

that the store strictly adheres to a) the Code of Ethics of the "Hellenic Association of Distance Selling Companies and E-Commerce" (EPAM) - a copy of which can be obtained at 97/kodikas -deontologias- / and b) the Code of Consumer Ethics (PD 10/2017, Government Gazette AD, sheet 23).

In the event that our Store makes product offers, these are valid until stocks are exhausted.

Our Store is not responsible for the customer's compensation, in case due to a technical or other error, the products and their prices are not properly updated, especially if the prices are either very low or very high. In such a case, the customer should contact the Store via email.

Our Store informs the visitors of its website that the consumer has the right to use an alternative dispute resolution body to resolve
Method of Payment & Shipping
The issuance of tax data for transactions through the Red Raven Eyewear store is done with a retail sales receipt that is delivered to the customer upon delivery of the product. All listed prices include VAT.

For shipments within Greece, the following are valid: Payment by cash on delivery, payment by Debit / Credit card.

Shipments of products are made to the address specified by the customer during the order. The exact shipping costs are displayed at the end of the order and their cost is free for payment by Debit / Credit card and 1.90 euros for cash on delivery.

Our store ships the products within two days if all the products are immediately available. The Maximum Delivery Time cannot be longer than 30 days.

Of course, it is noted that the Store is not responsible for delays in the execution of the order that are not due to its fault or due to force majeure, ie in incidents that could not have been foreseen.

In cases of liability of our Store for a real defect, the customer is entitled: 1. to demand the repair or replacement of the product with another 2. to reduce the price (ie to receive part of his money back) 3. to withdraw from the contract, unless it is an insignificant actual defect.

Our store provides immediate and free replacement for products that have a factory defect but does not include warranty for damage or damage caused by mishandling, force majeure and other factors.

Right of Withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within a period of 14 calendar days from the date of conclusion of the contract. The withdrawal is made under the following conditions:

This withdrawal is unjustified and without any charge and if the item has already been delivered the customer must return the product exactly in the condition in which it was received, with all its parts, the accompanying forms and its packaging in excellent condition. The return of the item is accepted only if the buyer has first paid any amount charged by the company for the shipment of the item to him and the shipping costs for the return of the item.
The declaration of withdrawal is exercised in writing or electronically and the COMPANY is obliged to send a confirmation of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal as soon as it reaches it.
The consumer must, within 14 days from the day he notified the company of his request for withdrawal, return the product (s) in accordance with the terms of this paragraph.
Following the withdrawal statement, the COMPANY is obliged to return the price received within a maximum of 14 days from the receipt of the products.
Shipping costs are not refundable if the customer had chosen a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by the COMPANY.
The refund to the customer will be made by the same means by which the initial collection was made. Specifically in the case of debit by credit card as follows: in case the price has been paid to the COMPANY by the withdrawal and return of the item, the COMPANY will be obliged to inform the Bank about the cancellation of the transaction and the bank will proceed with each act provided for on the basis of the contract drawn up with the client. The company after this information does not bear any responsibility for the time and manner of execution of the rebuttal, which is regulated by the provided contract.
The customer is responsible for compensating the company if he made use other than that which is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods in the period until the declaration of withdrawal. The determination of the nature, characteristics and function of the goods should be made on the basis of the information provided on the outer packaging of each product, as well as the additional information provided by the company and in any case without opening the packaging of the products and putting in operation the good. The company is willing to inform the customer of any questions about the nature and operation of the products by providing additional information material electronically or otherwise. In case of opening the packaging or putting the products into operation, their value is automatically reduced as the product is characterized as used and the customer must compensate the company for reducing the value of the product. The reduction of the value from the opening of the package and consequently from the characterization of the product as used is examined on a case by case basis and is determined by the company and is usually in the range of 20%-30%. THE COMPANY is entitled to agree with the customer
The company complies with the current legislation of the Personal Data Protection Authority 2472/97 and with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data collected during the use of the website (user name management, browser, operating system, etc.) are stored in server logs. The above information is necessary to avoid attacks, to optimize ads, but also to provide information in special cases provided by law.

The personal data that you declare through the registration form, order, shipping and others of the online store are kept exclusively and only for reasons concerning the fulfillment of orders to you and may not be used by any third party (except where provided by Law). At any time the user reserves the right to be informed or to object to the further processing of his data in accordance with current legislation for the protection of personal data.
As a user of the website you can request a copy or deletion of your personal data.

What are cookies?
"Cookies" are small files with information that a website (specifically the web server - web server) stores on a user's computer, so that every time the user logs on to the website, the latter retrieves this information and offers it to the user related services. A typical example of such information is the user's preferences on a website, as they are stated by the user's choices on that website (eg selection of specific "buttons", searches, ads, etc.).
We use cookies on our website to manage logins, to provide personalized websites and to customize advertising and other content to reflect your particular needs and interests. Cookies can also be used to compile anonymous, aggregate statistics that allow us to understand how the public is using our website and help to improve its structure and content. We cannot verify your personal identity from this information. You can modify your browser settings to reject some or all cookies. Be aware that some features are only available through the use of cookies and if you choose to opt out of cookies, these features may not be available.

Absolutely necessary cookies.
The absolutely necessary cookies are essential for the proper operation of the website. They let you browse and use its features, such as access to safe areas or use the shopping cart. They do not recognize your personal identity under any circumstances. Without them, we cannot offer effective operation of the site.

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They collect information about how visitors use the site. They also collect aggregate, anonymous information that does not identify a visitor. They are used exclusively to improve the performance of a website.

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They are used to provide content that best suits you and your interests. They can be used to show targeted ads / bids, limit ad impressions, or measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

What types of third party cookies do we use?
We use our own cookies but also cookies, which come from third parties. Indicatively, we use cookies of internet advertising companies to record the consumer behavior of our users.

What kind of data do we collect through the use of cookies.
All data, which we collect from the use of cookies through our website, are processed and stored exclusively in the form of anonymous statistical data and do not have any direct connection with your person. Also, our company does not carry out any sale or marketing of data, collected in this way.
Providing consent for the acceptance of cookies.
By entering the main page of our website you are aware of a relevant note on the use of cookies, which is in a visible position and refers to this policy. In the event that you decide to browse the subpages of our website and once you have properly configured your web browser, you are free to provide your explicit and specific consent for this use. Otherwise, you are obliged to refrain from browsing our website or to disable the use of cookies in your browser settings.

How to disable the use of cookies.
In case you wish to enable or disable the use of cookies from the settings of your browser, depending on your browser visit the respective websites in order to be informed about the necessary actions.

By emphasizing on ensuring high quality products and services, we have won the trust and respect of our customers. During the long-term presence of the company in the optical industry, we work collectively for your excellent service, placing your needs at the center of our priorities. The large collection of sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses allows you to choose the product that perfectly meets your needs. Our frequent visits to suppliers and to large exhibitions of the industry abroad offer you the most special and innovative products of the area. Our modern and technologically advanced machines, in combination with our highly trained staff, provide you with innovative products and advanced technology services that meet your high requirements.

Our online store was created with the aim of improving your service, responding to the needs of each user. For this purpose, we ask you to provide us with some information, which concerns exclusively the processing of your order. This information is kept by us and is not disclosed to third parties. Excludes the data required in case of payment by credit card and the data necessary for the execution of your order by the transport company.

In case you provide us with incorrect personal information, our online store does not bear any responsibility for the non-processing of your order. Specifically, the inability to communicate with you by e-mail or telephone or the inability to deliver your order by the transport company due to your invalid personal information, is not the responsibility of our online store. In addition, in case of change of your data, you are obliged to correct the data you provide to us.

Our online store is obliged to protect your personal data under Greek law. Respectively, you should also keep the information you have told us and not disclose it to third parties. It is recommended that you change your password frequently. In addition, by registering as a user you accept the sending of electronic messages and / or telephone communication, in order to complete your order.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, our online store makes every effort to ensure that the photos of the products listed here reflect as much as possible the real product. For this they are accompanied by comments and clarifications. However, there may be errors regarding the illustrations or the information provided, for which our online store is not responsible.

All the content of this website, such as photos, descriptions, graphics, etc. listed here, are the property of the company Mad Wolves Media which is protected by the provisions of applicable law. Any copying, reproduction, distribution or other use of the content for commercial or other purposes is prohibited without the prior written permission of the company Mad Wolves Media.

Difference between store price and online store price.
In selected products in our online store, their price may differ from other stores and is valid only for purchases through this online store and shipping to your place. In any case, although we make every effort to accurately indicate the data and prices we quote in our online store, we cannot rule out the possibility of typographical or technical errors in prices and product features. For this reason we recommend that, before each payment and the completion of your order, you contact for confirmation of this price at 2104441904 or through the contact form of the website.